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Improve the Function of Your Landscaping With These Masonry Ideas in the Briarcliff Manor, NY, Area

Improve the Function of Your Landscaping With These Masonry Ideas in the Briarcliff Manor, NY, Area

Masonry outdoor features can improve the functionality of your Briarcliff Manor, NY, area landscape while also increasing the visual interest. The following masonry ideas can help you choose the best stone or stone-like features for your property to enhance its overall appearance and make your outdoor spaces more usable.

Natural Stone and Paver Walkways

Walkways can be some of the most hardworking masonry features in your landscape. From the kids running around the yard to guests arriving at your house, the foot traffic can be nearly constant at times. This can be why you need to have a lovely but secure place for them to walk.

Many homes come with poured concrete walkways, but they can become precarious over time if crumbling occurs. For a more updated, attractive look, a masonry contractor can design and construct a gorgeous, and much more durable, walkway made of natural stone or pavers.

At the same time, you may want to give consideration to the amount of space allocated for your walkways. A wider walkway may come across as more welcoming and give guests the ability to walk next to each other and chat as they make their way to your front door. A masonry contractor can create unique patterns out of the pavers as well as eye-catching details to add to the beauty of your landscape design. They can combine different materials for a special outcome.

Stone Retaining Walls

Stone retaining walls can add definition to outdoor spaces and your landscape. A masonry contractor can design a stone retaining wall to add privacy and more seating space to your patio. They can choose a retaining wall height that could help to add at least a sense of intimacy for your outdoor living space.

If you decide to increase the height in one area of the wall, the masonry contractor can design and add a water wall or another water feature that gives your retaining wall and patio a dramatic focal point. Plus, having the sensory sounds of spilling water can introduce another dimension of relaxation to your outdoor living space.

Stone retaining walls can also divide your property into distinct spaces. This can be especially pretty when you have a yard that needs some textural and horizontal interest to introduce dimension.

Stone Veneer

Stone veneer can be an ideal solution to a dated indoor or outdoor fireplace. Whether you are tired of your current fireplace look or purchased a house with a fireplace that is not your style, stone veneer can change the entire appearance.

Stone veneer typically arrives in sheets to be affixed over fireplaces, house exteriors, and even retaining walls to give the feature a more up-to-date appearance. It is considered a permanent, yet sometimes more affordable way, to update the look of an indoor or outdoor area. When used properly, the best part can be that no one will look at the stone veneer and wonder if it is real since it looks and feels like natural stone, including the colors and textures.


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