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Landscaping Tip: Add a Shade Structure to a Larchmont, NY, Landscape Design to Extend Time Outdoors

Landscaping Tip: Add a Shade Structure to a Larchmont, NY, Landscape Design to Extend Time Outdoors

As you begin to think about your landscape design for your Larchmont, NY, outdoor space, you may want to consider a shade structure. The warmer months can be the perfect time to spend outdoors, but you will likely want an occasional break from the direct sunshine. Here are some other reasons to add a shade structure to your landscaping plans.

What Is Considered a Shade Structure?

A shade structure will provide either partial or full shade over an area on your patio. This could be over an outdoor kitchen, a dining area, or even out by your swimming pool. There are different types of shade structures, such as a pavilion or pergola. When such structures are built that are not fully enclosed, you can get a break from the elements while still freely feeling the open fresh air.

Benefits of a Shade Structure

There are several benefits to adding a shade structure to your outdoor space. The biggest benefit is probably that you will be able to spend more time outdoors, despite the sun or a bit of light rain. You can still gather with friends and dine outdoors throughout the year or enjoy a break from the sunshine while the kids play in the pool.

Shade structures can also add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Pavilions and pergolas can be customized to correspond with the design of a home and landscape while providing a vertical visual interest to the space. They can also be constructed as an extension of your home in order to create an outdoor living concept that will flow directly from your home to your outdoor space.

Types of Shade Structures

There are two main types of shade structures that can be included in your landscape design. Each type has its own benefits and will depend on the preferences and needs of you and your family.


A pavilion is a fully covered structure that will provide complete protection from sun and rain. There are typically several posts that hold up the roof to a pavilion. Pavilions can be constructed from all wood or a combination of different materials depending on the style that you are looking for and can also be constructed in a variety of shapes. If you are looking for complete coverage over an outdoor kitchen, dining area, or sitting area with a television, then a pavilion might be the ideal choice for your family.


Pergolas are similar to pavilions because they can be constructed in different shapes including square, round, or even half circle while also being made out of wood and other materials. The biggest difference is that a traditional pergola only provides partial coverage as the roof is typically designed with open spaces between the beams. Pergolas will still provide dappled shade and can be an excellent choice if you still want sunlight to peek through the roof of the structure.


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