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Lawn Care Tips: 4 Ways Your Lawn Can Look Spectacular This Year in Armonk and Larchmont, NY

Lawn Care Tips: 4 Ways Your Lawn Can Look Spectacular This Year in Armonk and Larchmont, NY

Caring for your Armonk and Larchmont, NY, lawn—to make sure it can look as good as possible, for as long as possible, involves a lot more than mowing on a weekly basis. These are some of the essential ways to boost the health and growth of your lawn, to give you the bold green carpet of grass you want.


Watering your grass is an important task best done by an automated irrigation system. Automated and customized to your lawn, a proper irrigation and sprinkler system takes out any of the thinking and worrying about watering the lawn. Your landscapers can set up the irrigation system’s timing to occur early in the morning so that the roots of the grass can absorb as much as possible. This is a set-it-and-forget-it solution to proper hydration of your landscaping.

Premium Mowing

Expert mowing is clearly a lawn care essential but ensures the mower height is situated at the proper setting. The typical lawn height of 3” to 3.5” protects the roots from the hottest sun rays.

Since it can be tough to remember to sharpen the mower blades regularly so your mowers cut the grass blade without any tearing, leaving this job to a professional lawn care service can be the ideal choice. They sharpen the mower blades and ensure every piece of their state-of-the-art machinery is in top working order.


Fertilizer might be the one essential that every lawn needs to thrive. Just like humans need food, your grass does, too.

While it would be nice to think the soil delivers all the nutrients your grass needs to grow strong, that is often not the case. This is where fertilizer fills in the gap with primary and secondary nutrients for your grass to absorb.

  • Nitrogen is a primary nutrient that ensures your grass plants are healthy. Grass uses more nitrogen than any other nutrient to form proteins which are the building blocks of plant cells.

  • Potassium helps your grass to resist disease and withstand the extremes of summer and winter weather. It strengthens the roots for healthy plants.

  • Phosphorus increases the way your grass plants use and store energy. It aids normal plant growth.

  • Secondary nutrients are not as crucial but can aid in the effort to help your grass to thrive.

It is often considered best to have landscape professionals take care of applying the fertilizer since too much can burn the grass while too little does nothing to help growth.

Weed Control

It really won’t matter what your grass looks like if the weeds overtake it. Weeds can spread quickly if left unchecked. Your landscape professionals have an arsenal of ways to combat weeds but the top two happen in spring and fall.

In the spring, your landscapers may apply pre-emergent herbicide to prevent the weeds from germinating. It forms a barrier over the soil to prevent weeds from popping up everywhere.

In the fall, your lawn care experts may apply a post-emergent herbicide that kills the weeds that snuck through and prevents them from surviving to grow again the next year.


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