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Looking for a Custom Pool? Why You Should Search “Pool Installation Near Me” in Larchmont, NY

Looking for a Custom Pool? Why You Should Search “Pool Installation Near Me” in Larchmont, NY

If a custom pool is in your future, you could search “pool installation near me” to get the best ideas for your Larchmont, NY, area property. This search can yield landscape professionals who know your area and can plan the ideal pool area for your backyard.

Planning a Custom Pool

As you consider adding a custom pool to your backyard, you can think beyond the pool itself to add on outdoor features that can make the entire poolscape tailored to your style preferences and interests.

In the planning stages of your pool, your landscape company can recommend the perfect additions to make your backyard more functional and enjoyable. Do you want to entertain extended family regularly? Does the idea of cooking a big meal for everyone appeal to you? Would you prefer a simpler, more streamlined landscape design, or do you love the idea of multiple distinct spaces?

A pool is a big change to your backyard space and you will want it to be right from the initial design to the final paver installation, and this is the specialty of a landscape and masonry company.

Each Outdoor Feature Matters

In a landscape design, every feature ideally serves a purpose that makes the entire space feel complete. Your new swimming pool can have durable pool deck pavers that are cool on the feet and remain looking wonderful from the moment they are installed and throughout the seasons of swimming.

There are some other outdoor features that can make your swim space more functional. Consider incorporating some of the following into the landscape design.

Shade structure: A shade structure can offer respite from the heat of the day for the swimmers and non-swimmers. Getting out of the sun for a rest can be a helpful practice to prevent exhaustion, too.

Whether you choose to add a pergola for dappled shade or a fully covered area like a cabana, planning for a shady spot can bring benefits to your pool space design. Both areas can have ceiling fans to keep the breezes flowing to cool you and your guests on a hot day. When you make this space large enough for several loungers and maybe an outdoor table and chairs, guests can eat lunch there and tap a cat nap.

Outdoor bar: An outdoor bar where you serve up frozen drinks to your friends and family, something that can be quite refreshing on a warm summer day. This can also be the place you keep sodas, waters, and other drinks cold in a refrigerator for easy access so that the kids can stay hydrated. When your outdoor bar includes a deep sink, guests can wash their hands before a meal, and it can help with cleanup once everyone has gone home.

Fire pit: A special space created for a fire pit gives you a daily spot to take in the warmth and ambiance that only fire can. This area can be where you finish a fun day of swimming or become your favorite way to end a long day of work. It can also be the perfect spot to roast marshmallows for a gooey, sweet treat.


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