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Maintain a Healthy Landscape Design With an Irrigation System in Scarsdale, NY

Maintain a Healthy Landscape Design With an Irrigation System in Scarsdale, NY

Investing in a lush, healthy Scarsdale, NY, landscape design without incorporating an irrigation system could detract from the full potential of your landscaping. Irrigation can be an essential component of maintaining the beauty and visual appeal you want in your yard.

Irrigation Customization

Every landscape is different, with shady spots and sunny spaces. Customized irrigation is tailored to your unique outdoor space to ensure the shady spots don’t get too much water to become waterlogged and the sunny spaces get the right amount to keep them from baking in the hot sun.

When your landscape professionals assess the property for an irrigation system, they will design a watering plan to meet the needs of each area of the landscape. No longer will you look out on your yard to see brown grass and struggling shrubs because your entire outdoor space will have the ideal levels of moisture it needs to thrive.

Irrigation Benefits for a Healthy Landscape

Automated watering can have many benefits for your Scarsdale landscape. From watering deeply to reach the roots to ensuring that each area gets the proper water amount to boost good health, an irrigation system can be a wise choice.

Automated irrigation: When your landscape watering is automated, you won’t have to deal with unwieldy sprinklers. A professional irrigation system can be placed on an efficient schedule where the watering takes place very early in the morning.

Your irrigation system will operate early in the morning before the sun peeks over the horizon to deliver water to your grass and plants. Because the irrigation happens so early, the water has a chance to penetrate to the roots of the plants.

Otherwise, watering after the sun comes up can waste the moisture that should help your landscape—the hot sun’s rays can burn away the water before it sinks into the soil.

Targeted delivery: A professionally designed irrigation system can target each zone for perfect delivery. There are sprinkler heads that throw the water a long distance over the grass and others that emit a fine mist for delicate areas of flowers and ground cover.

You can have drip irrigation for shrubs and potted plants that you don’t want to lug water to each summer day when the hot weather demands daily watering. Specific methods can be used to irrigate the trees so that they won’t dry out on the hottest summer days.

Less waste: Waste can be a problem when you are watering the landscape yourself. Traditional sprinklers cannot be adjusted properly to keep the water off the sidewalk and only on the grass. Even when you pay close attention to where the water is going, the run-off can usually be significant.

Manual watering requires users to keep track of the amount of time each part of the landscape has irrigation, and it can be common to forget to set a timer. Once you remember the sprinkler, that area has been watering for two hours and then it must be moved to another space.

More efficient: Think of the time you can spend doing more pleasant activities than worrying about whether your beautiful landscape design is getting adequate water. A professionally installed irrigation system can ensure your property is well-cared for and your time is free for other activities.


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