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Make a Splash by Adding These Fun Water Features to Your Inground Pool in Rye and Irvington, NY

Make a Splash by Adding These Fun Water Features to Your Inground Pool in Rye and Irvington, NY

Adding some fun water features to your Rye and Irvington, NY, inground pool can increase the appeal to play in the water longer. Make a splash with a water fountain and other fun landscape features, to give your swimming space an upgrade.

Add a Water Wall

One way to make your inground swimming pool more enticing can be to have your landscapers add a water wall to one side. They can start with a retaining wall in your preferred height. Adding three or five water spouts that spill into the pool can offer hours of fun for the kids. They can play Marco Polo and other water games there.

The spouts can come out of the top of the wall or the front to spill into the pool. While this offers an excellent spot for water games, don’t miss the added beauty of a gorgeous custom wall and the charm of soothing sounds of spilling water. Even when no one is swimming, this water feature can still add benefits to your pool area, in terms of beauty and sound.

Incorporate a Slide

Everyone loves a slide—even the adults! The water slide can even be a focal point—your landscapers could create a tropical paradise by adding a boulder to one side of the pool area. Stacked together, an oversize boulder mass can create visual weight and interest.

Along each side, stone steps can make a fun pathway to the fun. Right in the middle can be a slide that either goes on top of the boulders or comes from within. Your family and guests will have a blast climbing the steps and racing out of the slide.

Your landscapers can be inspired by your vision—you can choose a straight slide or a curving one—whatever suits your fancy.

Plan a Water Fountain

A water fountain could be made for the littlest ones in your life, by being built toward the shallow end of your inground pool. The small children can have fun there while the adults can relax alongside as they oversee the kiddos.

Add Some Fire

Fire and water seem to go together and that is no exception when you add a fire feature to your pool space. An extravagant pool could be built that has a fire pit in its center, and that is reachable by a walkway from the pool deck. Another possibility entails adding the same number of fire bowls as spouts on the water wall for a wonderfully symmetrical appearance. Imagine swimming and enjoying a gorgeous evening while the fire bowls are aflame.

Yet another great option can be to expand the pool deck to accommodate an outdoor fireplace in a complementary stone-like material as the pool deck pavers. This can create a seamless appearance that looks as if it were all planned at the same time. Or you can choose a completely different look and design for the outdoor fireplace, to set it apart from the pool area.

With so many add-on options for your inground pool project, your only problem will be deciding which one to include this year.


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