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Make Your Inground Pool Stand Out With These 4 Landscape Design Ideas in Rye, NY

Make Your Inground Pool Stand Out With These 4 Landscape Design Ideas

As you plan a Rye, NY inground pool, don’t forget to incorporate details that can make it stand out. These landscape design ideas will help you get the creative process going.

Build a Large Cabana

When you have an inground swimming pool, everyone will need a break from the water and sun at some point, and this is where a cabana can fill that need. Your landscape design team may suggest using the same pavers as the pool deck to create a unified effect that will bring shade and rest to your pool area.

Slip-resistant pool deck pavers are also excellent for the floor surface of a cabana since there are wet swimmers coming and going there, too. You could have the same pavers in a different laying pattern and distinguish the cabana from the pool deck with a contrasting central design. Your landscape contractor can incorporate a large star, a unique pattern, or even your last name initial to add interest and customization to the space.

Hefty wood posts can support the cabana roof that arches high to add a vertical feature to your landscape plan. When you leave beams exposed, you can have ceiling fans and fun outdoor lighting effects to add charm and cooling breezes to your space. All you need is comfortable loungers and chairs for your friends and family to find a spot to rest for a bit.

Incorporate an Outdoor Kitchen

On a day when everyone is splashing in the pool, no one wants to stop, go indoors, and eat. An outdoor kitchen within the cabana can solve this problem.

With an outdoor kitchen, you can grill burgers for a quick meal or you can plan an entire meal for a large group. A cabana with an outdoor kitchen can be the perfect spot for celebrating birthdays, graduations, and many other occasions.

Be sure to consider including a refrigerator for cold items, a cooktop for food you can’t grill, a gas grill, a charcoal grill, and a smoker. You may also want a deep sink for easy cleanup and plenty of counter space for preparing and serving the food buffet-style.

When your landscape contractor includes plenty of space beneath the cabana to hold a long table and chairs for those who wish to eat at the table, this could become where most of your summertime is spent.

Tack on Waterfall to the Pool

Waterfalls supply endless, extra splashing fun to an inground pool. They can be incorporated into a low retaining wall on one side of the pool where they spill into the water. This can be ideal for playing pool games and also adds a sensory sound of falling water to the landscape.

Plan for Landscape Lighting

Since not all swimming happens in the daytime, adding landscape lighting to your pool design can allow you to spend more time in a place you love. Your landscaper can illuminate the interior of the pool and the waterfalls for some nighttime water drama.

Spotlights on the corners of the cabana can let the kids play long into the evening when they are done swimming, and lighting inside the cabana can be placed on dimmers for the adults to sit and chat. With spotlights added to the base of the trees nearby, your landscape will transform after dark.


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