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Masonry and Landscaping Tips for a Family-Friendly Backyard Design in the Armonk, NY Area

Masonry and Landscaping Tips for a Family-Friendly Backyard Design in the Armonk, NY Area

If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors in your Armonk, NY area backyard this summer, you may be wondering how your landscape could be more family-friendly. These masonry and landscaping tips are sure to have you, your kids, and your guests enjoying your outdoor space to the fullest extent in the coming months.

Expansive Paver Patio

A large paver patio can extend your living space, out into the outdoors, and provide room for different activities, whether the kids want space for themselves to hang out with friends or play games or you want to have a large gathering. A durable paver patio can open up opportunities for other outdoor features, including a fire pit and an intimate seating area for enjoying a morning cup of coffee or to enjoy an intimate evening by the fire.

Luxurious Backyard Pool Space

With warm weather approaching, you likely want to spend a lot of your time outdoors relaxing by the water or letting your kids swim in the afternoons. An inground pool with a stunning pool deck can be the ultimate outdoor living space to consider for your backyard. There are a variety of designs for pool decks that will complement your home and the rest of your landscape design. You may prefer a natural stone for your pool surround or a paver that resembles the real thing; both options can be textured to provide a good grip as children enter and exit the pool with wet feet.

In addition to your pool deck, you can continue to expand the pool area with a cabana or shade structure to place outdoor furniture under. This will allow a cooler space to escape from the sun after a day in the pool. An outdoor kitchen or outdoor dining space can also be an excellent addition to your outdoor pool area so you can grill burgers with friends or put together quick snacks for the kids after a long day of swimming.


When you are considering additions to your landscape design, you’ll want everything to flow together nicely, which will include the walkways. The design of your paver patio will likely influence the design of your walkways. You might need a walkway to lead from your patio to a fire pit area or to your pool space. These walkways will provide you and your guests with an aesthetically pleasing path to get around your property with ease. You might have outdoor lighting strategically placed alongside these walkways to provide additional lighting in the later evening hours.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall can not only provide extra seating around a fire pit or near an outdoor kitchen, but it can also provide privacy in certain areas of your property—something that older kids may appreciate when they have friends over. Retaining walls can be designed and built using a variety of wall blocks to complement the rest of your landscape design and your personal preferences. Lighting that is installed at the bottom of your retaining wall and points upward will add a beautiful component to this masonry feature. The additional space that a retaining wall provides can be utilized for additional plantings and trees to further elevate the view of your landscape.


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