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Masonry Ideas: Imagine a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Alongside an Inground Pool in Irvington, NY

Masonry Ideas: Imagine a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Alongside an Inground Pool in Irvington, NY

As you consider upgrades to your Irvington, NY, area inground pool area, you may want to contemplate the many benefits of including the ultimate outdoor kitchen in your plans. The following masonry ideas and unique appliance combinations can lead to a dreamy outdoor cooking space that will make your outdoor celebrations so much more enjoyable and convenient.

A Pool Space Close to the House

A pool area near your house can be the ideal setup for a covered outdoor kitchen. A masonry contractor can start by adding rock to the lower wall of your house exterior. This will form the space for a long counter with a cooktop and sink with plenty of counter space for prepping meals.

When you choose a paver that complements the pool deck surface, the two spaces can merge to feel connected but not identical. Adding a shade structure over the outdoor kitchen can spare you from the elements when you want to cook and dine outdoors.

Within this structure, your landscape contractor can add an L-shaped counter that comes off the space with the cooktop. There they can add a gas grill and smoker. For seating, consider a built-in banquet on the side closest to the pool so you can enjoy the pool view as you eat together.

A Swim-Up Outdoor Kitchen

When you want an outdoor kitchen design that is truly out of the box, contemplate whether a swim-up kitchen is possible. This can be an ideal solution when your pool sits at the top of a slope. A landscape contractor can design an outdoor kitchen that abuts the pool edge. An innovative plan can allow the masonry pool deck to blend right into the kitchen counter.

A long counter can let you set out drinks and snacks for the swimmers and the adults who are floating in the pool. There, you can have a full-size refrigerator to hold the main foods that need refrigeration and a small fridge where the outdoor kitchen meets the pool. This can make having plenty of cold drinks on a hot day a breeze.

An Outdoor Kitchen with a Pergola

When you add a pergola to an outdoor kitchen, this provides some shade on a hot day. When you love the look of a custom wood pergola with sturdy wood posts and carved or slatted beams, this design can merge the pergola with the surrounding landscape design for a lovely vertical outdoor feature. This can be especially pretty with the wood posts anchored in stone bases that give the design a weighty appearance.

You could choose wood or consider alternatives like steel posts with thin steel slats above the outdoor kitchen. This look can work well with an urban pool design with strong geometric shapes. You might also consider incorporating some copper accents in the pergola plan. Copper weathers beautifully to add charm and character to a pergola aesthetic.

Roll-Up Doors and Rock Outdoor Kitchen

A convenient way to feed the crew as they swim is to have a landscape contractor add an outdoor kitchen with stone countertops and roll-up garage-style doors. Having your outdoor kitchen remain inside a building can have several advantages, especially when it is hot outside and you can keep the kitchen interior air-conditioned for comfort.


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