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Pool Installation Near Me: Questions to Ask Before Getting Your New Pool in Bedford, NY

Pool Installation Near Me: Questions to Ask Before Getting Your New Pool in Bedford, NY

As you search for companies that can do a “pool installation near me” in Bedford, NY, you will want to prepare for the process by knowing the right questions to ask. A new pool is an investment, and you want to find the right style and shape for your landscape and your lifestyle.

How Will I Use the Pool?

A new pool can be such an exciting landscape addition, but you should spend some time thinking about how you will use a swimming pool. Do you want to use it mostly for exercise? Will it be mainly for enjoying swimming time with the family? Do you want it to become a focal point in your backyard?

How you want your pool to function can play a role in the shape and size used for your pool design. Knowing what you want can ease the process as you explain your needs and your terrain to your landscape professionals.

Where Should I Put the Pool?

Your landscape professionals will take a look at your landscape and help you understand your options, in addition to knowing any local regulations that could have an effect on where your pool will be located and what it will look like.

To be sure, your swimming pool will need to be placed away from utility lines and buried water and sewer pipes. This can impact the pool placement unless the utility lines and pipes can be relocated.

Other factors your landscape professionals will assess can be the wind and sun patterns. Ideally, you want a swimming pool to be placed where there is maximum sun and where you will get some breeze to cool off from the hot rays.

Drainage can also play a role in pool placement since you need a location that has good drainage away from the pool.

Also consider the view: Many homeowners want to see the pool from inside the house. Would you like to have a pool view from inside your home, too? Or would you prefer the pool to be in its own location, as if it were a destination?

What Features Should I Add to the Pool?

While some homeowners want a simple pool for swimming laps, others prefer to have a place with many features that add to the experience. This can include multiple additions.

  • Slides are popular features for letting adults and kids have fun while entering the swimming pool. You might choose only one slide or you would like to have more for an opportunity for more guests to slide at one time. Who knows? It could lead to a slide competition!

  • Waterfalls are amazing because they can serve multiple purposes at one time. When your landscape adds a trio of waterfalls that spill from a retaining wall along one side of the pool, they can become a fun place for hide and seek as well as serve to bring the soothing sounds of spilling water to your landscape when no one is swimming. Plus, this feature can look incredibly appealing.

  • Fire bowls can be another excellent feature to add to the pool design. Fire and water just seem to go together, so incorporating the fire bowl with the waterfall trio can be an unbeatable combination.

While adding a swimming pool to your landscape is an exciting prospect, knowing what you want can help you locate the landscape professionals who can deliver your vision and more.


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