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Reasons to Include a Spa in Your Inground Pool Design in the Briarcliff Manor and Rye, NY, Areas

A pool and spa combination for your Briarcliff Manor and Rye, NY, areas backyard can create the oasis area you want for the summer months. While the swimming pool can offer exercise and swimming fun, a spa can soothe your sore muscles and rejuvenate your body. Consider the many compelling reasons to add a spa to your pool design.

The Benefits of a Swimming Pool

You know that the hot days of summer can make the appeal of a swimming pool strong. Having a place for your family and friends to splash away the hours can be amazing, but when you also have a spa, you can enjoy other stress-relief benefits.

Swimming pools can be a magnet for young and old to enjoy the cool water on a hot day. You can use a pool for exercise when you can’t make it to the gym or prefer to swim. Knowing that your pool is right in the backyard would take away any excuses for working on your fitness.

How Adding a Spa Elevates the Pool Space

Adding a spa to your pool area can allow you to sink into the warm, swirling waters to soak away a stressful work day. You can also enjoy the warm waters as your friends and family splash in the pool nearby.

Pool and Spa Combination Ideas

Your pool and spa design can reflect your swimming style. You could choose to have a landscape professional add an elevated spa near the swimming pool so that anyone who is relaxing in the spa can join in the pool fun, too.

When the spa design matches the pool deck pavers and stone choices, the whole space can feel seamless. Your landscape contractor can design and build steps up to the spa for comfortable movement in and out of this outdoor space.

You might prefer to have a spa at the same level as the swimming pool. In this case, your landscape contractor can extend the pool deck pavers into the adjoining spa area. Walking from the pool to the spa could be a smooth, level experience that feels like a continuation of the pool area. The spa can be recessed at the ground level like the pool so the two spaces feel connected.

Or you may want a spa that sits at the edge of the pool and spills over into the swimming pool below. This can be a fun choice since the water from the spa can offer wonderful sounds when the pool itself is quiet.

Another outdoor living feature that can bring another level of comfort and enjoyment to your pool area can be a covered cabana. Some guests like to remain in the shade, and the cabana can be the place where they can relax out of the direct sunshine but still enjoy watching the swimmers.

Adding a cabana space can increase the ability to have outdoor lighting and ceiling fans to increase the comfort of the temperature. When you climb out of the swimming pool or the soothing spa, you can head over to sit and enjoy the evening beneath the pretty cabana.

This can quickly become the feature of your home that you most look forward to at the end of a long, hectic week.


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