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So Many Styles of Backyard Pools: Tips to Help You Decide Yours in Briarcliff Manor & Scarsdale, NY

So Many Styles of Backyard Pools: Tips to Help You Decide Yours in Briarcliff Manor & Scarsdale, NY

Whether you want a Briarcliff Manor and Scarsdale, NY, areas backyard pool for exercising or just for family fun, choosing the right style can be crucial. There are many choices in backyard pools, and a landscape professional can help you plan the swimming pool that would best suit your backyard and personal needs.

An inground pool can lead to many years of swimming fun. The materials chosen are important as they have a big impact on the longevity of the pool. Since a backyard pool has to fit the space available in the landscape, there are multiple style options.

Backyard Pool Styles

Lap pool: If you want a backyard pool primarily for exercise, consider a lap pool, which is usually narrow and rectangular. Because of its smaller size and shape, this type of backyard pool can also do double duty as a gazing pool when you are not swimming. The smooth water and geometric shape can reflect the sky and clouds above almost like a mirror.

Infinity pool: An infinity pool presents a trick to the eye. This pool seems to spill over into a fantastic landscape feature like the craggy mountains, the horizon of the ocean, or a gorgeous lake. In reality, the edge of the pool drops off at the farthest side into a trough that holds the water to recirculate it into the pool. Infinity pools can be rectangular, round, or a custom shape and can be ideal for a backyard with a slope.

Architectural pool: An architectural pool can make a grand statement in your landscape design. This pool often echoes the lines of your home and can use many of the same materials to build a cohesive outdoor space. In a backyard pool design with architectural features, the overall aesthetic can be sophisticated and luxurious.

Family pool: Many homeowners with children want a family pool for the kids to play and swim in the summer months. This pool type can be any shape you prefer that can fit in the landscape space. Consider having your landscape professionals add a slide or two to the design and some water spouts spilling into the water can be great fun.

Other Tips for Pool Choices

Another key consideration for pool types can be your budget. You and your landscape professional can discuss the pool you envision for your property and then you can see if the cost lines up with what you have in mind, in terms of your timeline and budget.

Since landscape professionals design and install backyard pools all the time, they can be a wonderful resource to help you make the most of this landscaping investments. There can be some pool features you want and they can recommend better features for a similar cost. By the same token, they can also help you see what you can live without.

Designing a backyard pool can be thrilling and intimidating. That is why working with a skilled landscape professional can get you to your goal of having a pool next summer. Outdoor living spaces can be an important part of your life and you want a pool that serves you well for years.


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