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Tips for a Landscape Design You’ll Be Excited to Show Off in Irvington and Briarcliff Manor, NY

Tips for a Landscape Design You’ll Be Excited to Show Off in the Irvington and Briarcliff Manor, NY, Areas

Maybe you want to extend the time you spend outdoors this year or you have plans to host guests more frequently. Or you might be feeling like you aren’t getting the most use out of your outdoor spaces. The following tips will change all that, by giving you reasons to show off your Irvington and Briarcliff Manor, NY, area landscape and spend more time in it.

Landscape Design Tip #1: Patio

One of the first areas people tend to consider first is the addition of a paver patio. This is going to be the space where you can establish outdoor “rooms” and include inviting features such as a fire pit. It can be fully customizable early on in the design and build process, and made to enjoy quality time with your favorite people if you like.

The benefit of a paver patio is the nearly endless combinations of styles, colors, and textures you can choose for the main and accent pavers. Not only will your new patio be functional, but it can be an eye-catching masonry feature that you can admire every time you step outside.

Landscape Design Tip #2: The Focal Point

When you begin to consider the design of your landscape, it is a good idea to think about what you want the focal point of your outdoor living space to be. If you want somewhere cozy to enjoy intimate evenings with your family and friends, then you might consider a fire feature. A fire pit can be an aesthetically pleasing focal point that will also allow you to extend the time you spend in your backyard. It’s fully customizable: If you prefer a modern style, you will likely enjoy a gas-powered outdoor fireplace in a sleek, streamlined shape. However, if you like the idea of a traditional fire feature, then you might enjoy a wood-burning fire pit that looks crafted of natural stone.

If you think your use of a fire feature may be minimal and you love to cook, you could have the focus be the outdoor kitchen. This landscape feature offers maximum convenience, allowing you to prepare and cook meals while still enjoying time with your guests—you will no longer have to miss out and be separate from everyone else while you grill.

Landscape Design Tip #3: Outdoor Lighting

The lighting in your outdoor living space can play a significant role in the overall appeal of your property. Not only will lighting help you enjoy more time outdoors in the evening hours, but it can also create the ideal ambiance that everyone will relish in.

For instance, lighting can be installed within the retaining wall that surrounds your patio, to provide a soft glow, or you can have lighting installed at the base of the wall pointing upward, to bring attention to its beautiful textures.

In the instance you want to show off specific areas of your garden and plantings, lighting can be installed to shine onto your plantings, so that you and your guests can enjoy them any time of day.


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