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What Time of Year Is Best for Planning an Inground Pool in the Scarsdale, NY, Area?

What Time of Year Is Best for Planning an Inground Pool in the Scarsdale, NY, Area?

Fall can be the ideal time of year to plan a new inground pool for your Scarsdale, NY, area property. Landscape professionals are more likely to have time to work with you to design the perfect pool feature for your backyard since the snow has not yet arrived yet their busy-season activities have probably wrapped up. With your future pool in the planning phase, you may be able to endure the cold winter weather more because you will have summer swimming to look forward to!

Elements of Exceptional Pool Design

While you might think only of the visual aspects of a pool design, there are larger issues to consider to ensure a swimming pool works correctly and delivers the functional space you desire.

Structural design: The structural design of a swimming pool can be crucial to the ongoing integrity of this landscape feature. This can include deciding the ideal size for the available space, pool size, and depth, along with the interior materials.

The structural design may also include proper drainage for the space. Closely related to this can be the way the sun hits the property since you probably want a completely sunny space for your swimming pool.

They will want to assess or understand the underground utilities that could be affected by this project and address low places in the landscape. All of these factors can affect the final pool design.

Functional design: The functional pool design can include the filtration system, the water fill mechanism, and other features of the swimming pool that allow you to use the space easily and maintain clean water.

Aesthetic design: The beauty of your pool likely matters most to you. After all, you will be looking at the pool area for many years and want it to contribute to the overall attractiveness of the landscape design. Factors to consider are size, coloring, lights, and the surrounding landscaping.

Pool Space Additions

While the pool certainly can take center stage, there are many outdoor living features that can make the pool area more enjoyable and functional. A landscape professional can help you understand how a wide pool paver deck can allow you to position multiple loungers for your friends and family.

Adding a cabana nearby can give shade to those who don’t want to swim or who need a break from the water and sun. The ceiling above the cabana can have fans to keep the cool air swirling comfortably.

A fire pit or outdoor fireplace can bring additional ambiance to the pool area when the evening arrives, and you are ready to prop up your feet after a fun-filled day. By positioning the fire feature near the swimming pool, some can continue to swim while others can relax nearby.

Incorporating a water feature into the pool, whether spilling directly into the swimming pool or into a nearby landscape area, can bring the sensory sounds of water to the pool space. This can make your pool so delightful when no one is swimming, and all you can hear are the water feature’s gentle sounds.


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