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Lawn Care Isn’t a “One Size Fits All”: Get a Customized Plan in the Rye, NY, Area

Lawn Care Isn’t a “One Size Fits All”: Get a Customized Plan in the Rye, NY, Area

You know that your Rye, NY, area lawn and landscape are not exactly the same as your next-door neighbor’s, and that is why you need a lawn care program tailored to your outdoor space. Forego the one-size-fits-all lawn care companies for the one that evaluates your unique outdoor areas to recommend the perfect services for your landscape.

Mowing to the Proper Height

When your lawn care service cuts the grass too short, this can damage the leaf and roots of the plants. Leaving the grass a height of 3 inches or more after mowing can protect the tender roots during the hottest summer days.

Mowing at a maximum height can also allow the soil to retain more moisture for the grass plants. This can be especially helpful when your irrigation system operates in the wee morning hours to water the grass, and you want the roots to absorb the most water they can before the sun burns the excess away.

The mowing direction can be another crucial factor in lawn care health. A reputable lawn care will tend to mow the grass in different directions at each visit since this can encourage grass growth at a steady level. Always mowing in the same direction and from the same starting point can cause some parts to remain shorter than other areas, which is not ideal for your lawn.

Trimming and blowing are other important parts of lawn care and attention. Clearing away the clippings that end up on the hardscapes can increase the lovely appearance of your landscape. Ideally, a lawn care service should leave your landscape and lawn with a magazine-worthy look.

Recycling the Lawn Clippings

The grass clippings can be an incredible source of nitrogen for your grass. When a lawn care company recycles the grass clippings, this can be added back to your landscape for a garden space or to boost the nutrients in your shrubbery beds.

Recycled grass clippings can help the lawn hold more moisture. When the soil stays moist, this can boost the overall health of your grass.

Programming the Irrigation System

A lawn care service can also program your sprinkler system to turn on early in the morning hours. so it has time to run a full cycle before the sun comes up. Once the sun is out, the water will burn off the lawn, and the absorption time will be over.

When your grass has ample time to allow the irrigation to run and the water to reach the roots of the grass, this can set up your lawn for the best health and growth.

If your lawn care company makes a point of monitoring and assessing the irrigation system, this can save you time and money. They can catch any issues early and fix them, so you don’t end up with a huge water bill due to broken sprinkler heads, while also only using water when it’s necessary.

Proper lawn care can also include aerating, overseeding, fertilizer, and weed preventives to ensure your grass has the best chance of thriving throughout every season. You won’t need to worry about the timing or applications of pesticides and nutrients because this service provider can handle the details for you. What you end up with is a dazzling, healthy lawn.


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