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Showcase Your Backyard’s Best Features With an Outdoor Lighting Plan in Scarsdale and Larchmont, NY

Showcase Your Backyard’s Best Features With an Outdoor Lighting Plan in Scarsdale and Larchmont, NY

When you love spending time in your Scarsdale and Larchmont, NY, backyard but all too often cut the fun short because of the falling darkness, outdoor lighting is what you need. Showcase your backyard’s best features with a customized outdoor lighting plan, and you will be able to spend more time in your favorite place.

Patio Lighting

Illuminating the patio makes sense since this is the place where you probably spend the majority of your time. For the flooring, plan to illuminate the perimeter to define the edges and help your guests see where to walk. Recessed LED lights can add a soft glow to the patio surface and highlight the pretty stone or paver you chose for your patio.

Incorporating lighting in the nearby landscape bushes is another excellent option for increasing visibility. While it is important to add lighting to the perimeter of the patio, you and your landscaper may decide that more lighting, for the benefit of the entire patio, is necessary.

Wall Level Lighting

If your home still has the sconces that came with the house when you bought it, now could be the time to replace those with updated wall lights that offer beautiful illumination both above and below the fixtures.

If you have a covered patio ( if you don’t, your landscaper can design a breathtaking pergola or pavilion to extend the time you can spend on your patio), you may already have a place to include additional lighting. Placed on a dimmer, this lighting option can be adjusted for ambient, low light for an intimate feel, or brighter to see your snacks while watching the big game.

Stairs and Walkways

Illuminating the stairs can make them easier to navigate and ultimately safer. Landscape professionals can add lighting beneath the lip of the step for a soft glow that allows the surface and steps depth to be clearly seen.

Lighting the walkways is similar to the patio in that your landscapers can add flush lights to the edges of the walkway for more brightness. If you want even more illumination, consider adding lighting to the plant beds that border the walkway. This can make the whole yard more visible for traversing from one place to the next.

Water Features

Water with lighting can look positively ethereal at night. A pond can have lights below the water to show the fish swimming within while a waterfall that is illuminated from behind becomes a visual masterpiece.

Even a gazing pond with soft lighting around the perimeter can reflect the light and movement. If you are feeling adventurous, you can install lighting that can change color with the season, holiday, or mood.

Lighting for the Trees and Fence

When the trees have uplights that shine on the bark to bring out the texture and shadows, you have another way to bring beauty to the dark landscape. A tree can also have downlights that are positioned in the limbs to shine down for a mottled effect. Illuminating the fence can let you see the boundary of your yard.

Another plus besides extended hours in your landscape is safety. Properly placed lighting techniques make it so you can easily navigate some of the secluded areas of your landscape while also potentially discouraging intruders who are specifically looking for dimly lit homes.


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